Encounter Kids

We are building a culture for our kids to be free and empowered, establishing their identities as sons and daughters of God! This comes by allowing kids to encounter His presence, and through investing in them the truth and wisdom of the Kingdom. We have set up a format for our kids that will facilitate all of this, by bringing them through different themes that draw out their creativity, giftings, and passions, and that gives them opportunity to use those gifts in a real and powerful way!

Here are the themes incorporated into our children’s ministry:

:: ART

Where kids get to lean into creating with the Holy Spirit through different art mediums, as well as actually getting to learn technique and grow their skills.


Learning about creation, plants and animals, exploring and other outdoor activities.


Making flags and banners, teaching about worship and encounter with God through dance.


Bringing kids into encounter with God through singing, drums, songwriting.

:: ASL

Learning a new language: American Sign Language.


Connecting with Bible stories and making them come to life by kids playing the roles.


Where people who have gone on missions trips come and share with the kids about different cultures and what God is doing around the world.


Teaching kids about hearing God’s voice and telling God’s thoughts that bring others Kingdom identity and alignment.


Teaching kids they carry and can release healing.

If you are interested in volunteering with our Sunday morning Children’s program, Encounter Kids, we would love for you to fill out this form (Download Form) Please follow the instructions on the form to turn it in. Thank you!