Letter from Ron & Terri

Dear Creekside family,

I hope that you are all doing well and that you see the blessings of Papa God in your life every day!

I am writing to give you an update on Creekside Ministries and how God is leading us so far.

Ron and I have dedicated our lives as pastors for 38 years. We have seen God work in so many peoples lives and in so many special ways.

It has been a great joy to see how ministry not only helps others but changes our lives as we minister to those in need. This is something that Ron and I could never walk away from on our own. We have always felt very responsible for our sheep. And we have always been very blessed by their love and support.

When we decided to sell the property at Creekside Ministries, we planned to buy another property that we could possibly pay cash for or get a small loan to purchase a smaller property. We were blessed that the new owners at the property offered to rent us our present location. Ron and I planned to continue with Creekside Ministries as a local church at that time. But, when the building suffered a fire, God got our attention – showing us what He was doing in our lives at this time.

For the past few years we have gone through some difficult times that have taken a lot of our energy. We have taken these recent few weeks off to have more focused time for the two of us to connect with each other and with Papa God.

We have come to realize that we would never have taken a time of rest if this fire had not occurred. God truly works in mysterious ways. Realizing what God is doing, at this time, led Ron and I to this important decision. We will take a six-month sabbatical. It is a time for renewing our strength and giving us a great vision for the future. We know that we are not retiring but we are preparing. It is a bright future!

God has great things in store for all of you also. We encourage each of you to continue what you’ve always done. Continue in home groups, outreaches, and prayer meetings. Creekside Ministries will continue to support the missions that we have dedicated ourselves to. Creekside will still be operating as a ministry of outreach and missions.

We will continue to support the 140 deaf children in Burundi, Africa. We will continue to receive offerings for these missions. We are also continuing to disperse funds that have already been designated to support these deaf children and other families in Africa.

At the present time, we are still paying $3000 a month rent on the building at Creekside. We are trying to get the things that were damaged by the fire treated for smoke damage etc. The building still is not ready to be occupied.

Even though we are on a sabbatical, we are still going to places of worship every week. At the present time Ron and I are worshiping at Life Connections Church in Fishers (16116 E. 126th Street). You are always welcome to join us there, as they do rope off a section for the Creekside family every week. We may visit other churches in the area also.

The reason we chose Life Connections church is because they were so warm and welcoming to us. And we certainly do enjoy the worship there and the sincerity in the peoples hearts. And we love “community.” And that’s all we’re looking for. God’s love and presence – so valuable.

We do plan to host meetings for the Creekside family here at our home and possibly at the grounds at Creekside when it is possible. We are a family, and nothing can separate us even though we may not see each other every week.

Ron and I plan to go to Burundi in the fall for about a month. We are going to be doing some repair on the school building there and we will also be doing some training for the teachers who need more language development to teach these children. We will keep you posted on our needs and the progress that we are making.

We are also continuing to provide support for two of our pastors there in Burundi who are young man with growing congregations.

Even though our “missionary” hearts are in Burundi at this time and our mission there, we are also open to other missions. There may be more coming in our near future.

God bless you all and thank you for your love and support at this time. You are loved!
Please direct any questions to:
Creekside questions@gmail.com
Offerings can be received at www.creeksidefishers.org or by mail at: 10501 Hague Road, Fishers, IN 46038.

Pastors Ron and Terri Neal