Who We Are

20150425_untitled shoot_8854Creekside is a diverse family, comprised of many different cultures journeying together into the heart of Father God.  As a family, Creekside believes that every person is a unique expression of the image of God and designed for greatness.  The enemy, through lies and manipulation has sought to steal the beautiful identity of every image bearer of God.  As a Spiritual family, Creekside seeks to be a home of restoration for lost identity, and empower sons and daughters to step into the fullness of their unique destiny.

Jesus gave us a model to follow.  Jesus, being fully God, yet fully man, showed His followers what it looked like to be empowered by the Holy Spirit to lead those who were spiritually orphaned and without a home into a family built upon love and freedom.  Creekside believes that every believer has been gifted, called and anointed by the Holy Spirit to do the same, “Go into this world, and lead orphans home.”

As a spiritual family, Creekside seek to equip generations to follow the model Jesus left us and to…

… lavish the poor with the blessing and goodness of the good news.

… repair broken hearts

…introduce the captive to unlimited freedom found in Jesus’ embrace.

… announce that, “Today is the day of abundance!”

… comfort all that mourn

… clothe those who grieve with a garment of victory and joy.

… give those who’s life has been reduced to ashes, a beautiful crown *

When orphans are ushered into their true identity as sons and daughters of a loving heavenly Father, the culture of this world is transformed. As we co-labor with Jesus in our corporate and individual spheres of influence, The kingdom of God invades the kingdom of darkness and destroys all that has hindered God’s children from stepping into fullness. It is our desire that every believer is activated, and empowered to walk in power and greatness in their unique gifting, calling and anointing to bring Heaven to Earth.

This mission of seeing orphans find a home, every man, woman and child discover and live from their true identity, and to see the Kingdom of God fully manifest on the earth as it is in Heaven for cultural transformation can not be done by human or religious effort.  This mission is only accomplished as we completely yield ourselves to and live for the presence of God.  Above all, we believe that humanity was created to live in a  face to face intimate relationship with God, so we value His presence above all.  His manifest presence is our ultimate aim.

*Isaiah 61